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Try to realize your dreams

When I was a boy, I longed to travel around the globe and become a true "citizen of the world". Luck and my profession have helped me to realize my dreams.

Life and dreams are leaves of the same book.
A. Schopenhauer


I graduated from high school with the highest grades and earned a gold medal. To do so while attending night school, I needed perseverance and focus; I learned the importance of prioritization. I earned my PhD degree in Economics from Università Cattolica in Milan in similar fashion: working by day, studying at night. The process taught me to have confidence in myself.

My Love of Cultural Study

I have few regrets, but one is not having the ability in my youth to focus full time on subjects that I liked: classics, Latin and Greek, philosophy and anthropology. I was constrained to study at those schools that offered evening classes in Milan: economy and law. Fortunately, during my 30 years living in Japan, I could diversify my cultural base by learning eastern cultures and languages and also return to what I thought I was good at: writing. I became a foreign correspondent for some leading Italian newspapers such as il Giornale, Il Corriere della Sera and the Japanese Nikkei and wrote about history, politics and economics. Always feeling pro-Socratian: I know I do not know.


Less is more

I'm doing everything that i like.

My Approach to Challenges

The key to a successful operation is to provide high quality services.
But as Hegel says: nothing great in the world was accomplished without passion.

August 16, 2013 marks my 60th anniversary as a professional. I began to work at age 14 as a messenger boy. It was tough-working during the day and studying at night. A stress test of my endurance, perseverance and patience that not everyone could stand.
I developed self confidence, inner strength and resilience by operating at a constant high energy pace and staying focused on the end goal.
I never look back on these stressful times with regrets or complaints. Rather with a sense of pride for each small achievement that without much support allowed me to move one step forward.


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